Gutless and disloyal “revolving door” politicians/lobbyists perpetuate the obesity epidemic

Let me be clear here from the outset: I don’t particularly like most politicians, and I certainly don’t trust them, especially those higher up in office. They usually say one thing and then do something completely opposite, and they generally don’t act as their voters would like them to act.


Quite frankly, their lack of voter loyalty is nothing short of mind boggling, just look at the US congress. Marion Nestle’s recent post on “revolving door” politicians outlines this very nicely:

Too many politicians are only too happy to go straight to well paid industry jobs, usually as lobbyists or consultants for big tobacco, big pharma, big oil, or any other “big” you can think of, once they end their time as elected officials or civil servants. The many mega junk food corporations have certainly been very well served by this group of politicians/salesmen/lobbyists, at the expense of the wishes of ordinary people.

Given the wealth of scientific evidence conclusively showing that junk food is very detrimental to our health, it’s a scandal that it’s not countered more than it is, including rules for their very aggressive marketing. Most of that marketing is aimed at children to boot. This lack of action certainly serves to perpetuate the stays quo and indeed ever increasing waistlines, see this recent report in JAMA (this report is also a wake up call for all those who think that the obesity epidemic has plateaued):

Obesity rates (and rates of many forms of cancer, diabetes, depression, etc) could certainly be slowed down and possibly reduced by our elected officials through banning and taxing junk food much more severely. So why don’t they? If you ask me, there are too many revolving doors, too many corporate loyalties, and too many gutless politicians who dare not rock the boat.

The price for all this corruption at the hands of all those who should be serving the public interests first are ever increasing rates of obesity and other non-communicable diseases. This will certainly please big pharma but very few others. How much longer should we tolerate this?


Erik Hemmingsson

Please share this information so that more and more can become aware of how we can stop obesity, thank you.