Interesting developments in research on body weight regulation

I have had many interesting meetings this year, including trips to Melbourne to meet with professor Helen Skouteris and her team at Deakin university, New York for the American Psychiatric Association meeting, Boston for the massive Obesity Week meeting, and finally Copenhagen last week to meet with professors Thorkild Sorensen and Berit Heitmann.

Having met so many leading obesity experts this year, it feels safe to say that we are making massive strides in obesity research, even though this will not be very apparent to lay people, who are still very much bombarded by advice on the latest fad diet.

For me, the biggest progress is happening in the field of body weight regulation, i.e. understanding more about why excess fat is stored in some people but not in others, even though they are eating and exercising the same amounts. This is also so much more complex than mere calories or genetics, it goes into a range of factors that can trigger weight gain. Much more information about this is coming in future posts.

Once we understand body weight regulation a bit better, and we identify the causes of weight gain, we could be getting quite close to making some real progress in both treatment and prevention of obesity. We have to understand that there are always reasons the body stores extra body fat, it is certainly not a random process.

Christmas is coming up and my plan is to post a bit more frequently during this festive but also rather challenging period for many people.


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